7 Keys that are Vital to Good Health

I had tried EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) on my own and didn't see any real results.  When Lois told me about TFT I was skeptical at first, but I was amazed at how well and how quickly it worked!  Unlike EFT, it gets to the specific root of the problem and eliminates it, and Lois is great at guiding you through the process and determining exactly what techniques are going to help.  The harmful emotions are finally gone for good and I feel much happier and healthier. 


Lois is a gifted healer, she knows exactly what is needed.  I have had Reiki before but with Lois it is much more powerful.  I had injured my shoulder and was taking medication, but after one session with Lois I no longer needed to take anything because the pain was gone! 


I just got done with a Reiki session with Lois and I'm extremely relaxed.  When I came in today I could feel heavy up here (my shoulders) and I feel light and relaxed ... My feet have been very sore, especially my left one and they feel like they needed some love and care, and they've gotten that and they feel so much better right now.  I'm thankful to Lois for doing this.  She's helped me a lot.


Lois is on point when instructing the touch therapy, as well as performing Reiki energy work.  I have experienced both types of services from her and was totally pleased.  I never had the touch therapy done prior to this session, and was very surprised at the quick results!  Followed it up with Reiki session and was thoroughly relaxed, feeling well, AND energized after this!  I think anyone will find Lois to be thoughtful and professional with either one or both of her therapy sessions.




Since I've met Lois, I've had some emotional issues and she's been able to help me with the Thought Field Therapy (tapping) to release some stress.  We've recently been on a cruise and although I didn't get seasick, I was feeling a little bit of dizziness and she did some tapping, and it was fine.  It's been wonderful, no recurrence of that.  I find that I'm stressed because I don't know how to say no, and she's mentioned something that we can use to help me be able to do that.  Just meeting her and knowing her has been very valuable to my life.  And I appreciate it.  Thank you Lois.


As a 70 year old with arthritis, fibromyalgia, I've taken a couple of tumbles and as a result quite a bit of discomfort.  I've been coming to see Lois, this has been my second time, and following the Reiki treatments it's put my body in a more relaxed state.  So the discomfort level has decreased completely. 


Vital Energy By Lois

Vital Energy By Lois