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7 Keys that are Vital to Good Health

About lois

I am a living example of what I learned, and what the tools and techniques I utilize can do. What techniques do I use? Techniques you may not have heard of such as Thought Field Therapy®, Reiki, and the Emotional Release and Cellular Support Technique. Each technique enhances relaxation and more. Reducing stress lets your body function more naturally and easily, allowing it to begin to heal itself. Services are tailored to meet each individual's unique needs. Each session is customized for you during your visit to help you feel better, all without using acupuncture needles, drugs, or any other invasive means. Many services can even be done remotely, providing greater flexibility for you.

This is the first time these techniques have been offered together in the Midwest. I am continually researching natural, noninvasive techniques and trying them on myself to make sure the benefits are not just temporary quick-fixes. When you receive services from me you can be sure that you will be getting quality treatments that will last. Each technique I provide focuses on at least one of the seven key areas that have an impact on health. Don't waste another day just getting by, like I did years ago, when you can feel better and sleep better the natural way! Call for an appointment today!


  • Reiki Master Practitioner in the Usui System of Natural Reiki Healing.
  • Trained in Reiki with Reiki Masters in Wisconsin. Third generation trained from Master Hawayo Takata.
  • Registered Reiki Professional with the International Association of Reiki Professionals.
  • Completed Callahan Techniques®, Thought Field Therapy®, training program for the rapid resolution of most negative emotions, at the Algorithm, Diagnostic, and Voice Technology Level.
  • Registered Thought Field Therapy® Practitioner in the TFT Practitioners listing.
  • Trained in the Emotional Release and Sleep Protocol.
  • Experienced in Quantum Energetics Technique for Emotional Release.

My search uncovered techniques and technology that I was unfamiliar with. Upon trying them I was amazed at the speed and positive results I received. In fact, within 48 hours pain that would bring me to tears was alleviated. The redness and irritation of my skin started to disappear. And I kept on improving. My initial success prompted me to learn more about the techniques I was receiving, at first to enable me to help myself even more. Then I started improving slowly. 

My journey then brought me into contact with more techniques. What I discovered truly transformed my life. I traveled from coast to coast, from Wisconsin to Texas, and to points in between meeting with experts who helped me even more. Each of these experts has done extensive research in their field of endeavor. In listening to and studying with these experts, each identified areas that are important to feeling better. As I reviewed all of the information I heard and received, I realized there are a total of seven key areas that have an impact on your health. Improving in one area can make a difference, though it may be a small difference. Making changes or improvements in multiple areas is truly the best. I had focused on improving in a few of the areas, in small ways at first. This is what brought me to where I was improving slowly, even though I was thrilled with the progress I made. After I started focusing on more of the key areas, my health began to improve more quickly again. Once I made positive changes in each of the seven key areas, my health dramatically improved--as if by magic I started to improve by leaps and bounds. I now sleep soundly at night, wake up refreshed in the morning, have lots of energy, am very relaxed, and I am healthier than I have been in decades. In fact, my transformation inspired me to learn and become trained in the techniques that helped me, to enable me to help other people as I was helped. Here is how I look today.  

My Story

Are you someone who has tried everything else and you still have a challenge? That's where I was several years ago. The days where I felt "off" were taking a toll on my health and my life. I wasn't sleeping well, felt tired and drained most of the time, and had difficulty relaxing. How did I get to this point? Initially I had a small rash on one hand that was smaller than a dime. With the help of modern medicine, I soon had a painful rash that covered areas from my eyebrows to my toes! I was sent from specialist to specialist without receiving lasting results. Then, one day when I was meeting with a specialist I asked two questions, "what is the cause of what I have" and "what are you going to do to resolve it?" At first, he talked in circles not answering my questions. So I kept on repeating my questions. Finally, the specialist threw my chart on the table, stated "we have no idea what you have; we'll just give you stronger drugs for longer periods of time to control the symptoms." This wasn't acceptable to me. I felt I deserved better care and that modern medicine had let me down. This started my journey, my search to explore other forms of treatment.  

Here's a photo of what I looked like back then. While it is hard to see in this photo, I have three layers of makeup on (as I knew the photo was to be taken) in an attempt to hide how red and irritated my skin was.  

Vital Energy By Lois