7 Keys that are Vital to Good Health


Reiki is a Japanese form of stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It is based on the Asian concept of life energy and is done by laying on hands. A subtle energy flows from the hands of the practitioner into the client and it's this energy that creates the relaxation and promotes healing.

Thought Field Therapy®(TFT)

TFT utilizes acupressure points, which the client activates, by simply tapping them with his or her fingertips while thinking about a specific problem.  The tapping sequence is customized for each client during the session. 

Emotional Release and Sleep Protocol

The Emotional Release and Cellular Support Protocol releases emotional roadblocks and encourages better sleep. This protocol involves muscle testing various areas of the body and applying a tapping correction where needed.

Life Balancing Instruments

Life Balancing Instruments are hand-held instruments for when you feel out of balance.

Quantum Energetics (QE)

QE is a simple, yet effective technique for releasing inner pains (without sharing "your story") and replacing them with love and appreciation.

Grounding Techniques

Spiritual Grounding and Grounding with this beautiful, special Earth we live on helps us to find Inner Peace.

Relaxation Techniques

Vital Energy By Lois

Vital Energy By Lois

Do you feel tired often and lack the energy you used to have? Do you have trouble sleeping at night and can't function in the morning without coffee? Do you have anger or fears that you can't seem to get rid of? Do you want to feel healthier, happier, and more energetic without the use of stimulants or medications? I help people to find relaxation within their body and regain that "feeling of feeling good." Imagine your life sleeping better, having more energy, with enhanced relaxation, and more. Click on the testimonial tab to listen to the results others have received, including reduced fear, reduction in stress and anxiety, better sleep, greater relaxation, feeling emotionally lighter, relief from aches and pains, alleviated cough, restored energy, and much more.

This is the first time these techniques have been offered together in the Midwest. I am continually researching natural, noninvasive techniques and trying them on myself to make sure the benefits are not just temporary quick-fixes. When you receive services from me you can be sure that you will be getting quality treatments that will last.  Each technique I provide focuses on at least one of the seven key areas that have an impact on health. Don't waste another day just getting by when you can feel better and sleep better the natural way! Call for an appointment today!

VitalEnergyByLois is proud to offer the following:


VitalEnergyByLois offers a range of services to correct poor sleep, to aid in balancing energy, to enhance relaxation, and to aid in stress reduction.  Reducing stress lets your body function more naturally and easily, allowing it to begin to heal itself. Services are tailored to meet each individual's unique needs. Each session is customized based on what will serve you best at that time. One or more of the  services listed below will be customized for you during your visit to help you feel better, all without using acupuncture needles, drugs, or any other invasive means. Many services can even be done remotely, providing greater flexibility for you.